Vegetable Garden Protection Using Wire Hoops and Nylon Netting

Each year we battle the critters in order to keep them out of our garden.  Most of the time we are dealing with just the rabbits.  However, this year the deer decided to join in the fun.  A fence really isn't practical for us, as too many weeds start to grown around it and we have quite a few trees close to the garden that would be hard to maneuver around.

Because the deer were pulling out entire plants, it was time to get serious about some sort of protection.  I decided to use wire to create hoops and cover them with nylon netting.  The netting usually only lasts a season, as it becomes weak from the elements, but it does get the job done.  I then used landscaping staples to secure the netting.  Here are the supplies that you will need:


Heavy Duty Wire Cutter
Bolt of Nylon Netting
Landscaping Staples
The most time consuming part is cutting the wire to create the hoops.  Once I had the size that I needed, I used that as a guide for the rest of them.  You can easily pull up the staples (take care to not tear the netting) to weed the area or to add mulch.  So far this has worked out great for us and has kept everything away from our plants.  I will be adding extra staples to the cabbage netting once the worms/butterflies arrive to make sure they will be kept out.  Happy Gardening!

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