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Our Breast Massage Oil contains organic ingredients that work together to promote breast health and encourages lymphatic flow.

The lymph system needs assistance in removing waste and chemicals that build up in our body from various environmental and internal toxins - everything you put on your skin is directly absorbed. Performing massages, dry brushing, using herbs and exercise will help to get the system moving.

We offer this product with and without essential oils. We recommend using the scented version for the breast, neck and underarm areas as the essential oils promote circulation while stimulating the lymphatic system.

The unscented version can be used for facial massage to encourage lymphatic drainage for congestion and sinus issues and for those with fragrance sensitivity.       

Our products are not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any medical condition.  This information provided on our website is not a substitute for the medical advice of a trained physician.  

We use high quality herbs and oils for all of our infusions.

Fresh St John's Wort - This amazing herb should be a staple in everyone's home! It is known for its ability to repair skin damage (including during/after radiation) and assists in relieving nerve and muscle pain. It also contains antiviral properties that can pass on through the skin.

Fresh Plantain has an abundant herbal history for use on chronic skin conditions while soothing the affected area, it also provides rapid relief of pain and skin irritation.

Comfrey Root is specially used for those who have sore breasts. It works to help strengthen tissues making them become more resilient and flexible.

Red Clover is known for softening the skin and works to melt away lumps and cysts. An over-all great herb for the entire lymphatic system.

Dandelion Root - Regular use of dandelion has been known to clear minor infections, relieve impacted milk glands and reduce cysts in the breasts

Calendula Blossoms are used to help keep breast tissue healthy and bring new life to dull skin.

Castor Oil has been used to resolve lumps and growths.

Cypress and Grapefruit Essential Oil promote tissue fluid circulation and assist in stimulating the lymph system.

Frankincense Essential Oil contains boswellic acid, which can help fight inflammation and is a wonderful ally for healthy breast tissue.

Geranium Essential Oil has been known to assist with a variety of inflammations and has also been used for hormonal imbalances.

Lavender Essential Oil contains properties that can assist in lowering anxiety or stress, pain relief and for improving immune system function.

Olive Oil*, Castor Oil*, Fresh Plantain Leaf**, Fresh St. John's Wort*, Red Clover*, Calendula Blossoms*, Comfrey Root*, Dandelion Root*, Vitamin E Oil (Non-GMO) & Essential Oils: Cypress*, Geranium*, Grapefruit*, Frankincense* & Lavender*

*Certified Organic Ingredient
** Wildharvested

Gently roll the bottle between hands to incorporate the oils. Rub 5-8 drops (depending on breast size) of the oil onto the breast. Massage until fully absorbed. Apply the oil twice a day or as needed. This oil can also be used on the underarm area for extra lymphatic drainage.

Our unscented option can be used for facial massage to encourage lymphatic drainage for congestion and sinus issues.

Not for use on those who are pregnant or nursing.

Store this product in a cool place away from sunlight.