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Our amazing Organic Itch Stick can be used on eczema patches, bug bites and dry itchy skin. This moisturizing lotion bar is easy to apply as well as being super convenient for use on-the-go. An effective blend of specially selected ingredients known for their ability to calm itchy skin will make this lotion bar a must-have for your family!

This lotion bar is not a cure for eczema as most cases stem from internal issues. It can help to bring relief to the symptoms while determining, addressing and healing from the root cause of the eczema.


Our products are not intended to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any medical condition.  This information provided on our website is not a substitute for the medical advice of a trained physician.  

Herbal-Infused Sunflower Oil contains numerous herbs that have antibacterial, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and soothing properties. Sunflower oil is rich is vitamins A, D, E and unsaturated fatty acids and is deeply nourishing for the skin.

Mango Butter acts as a mild lubricant for the skin. It contains fatty acids, is a natural emollient and has moisturizing and smoothing properties.

Shea Butter is rich in vitamins A and E as well as essential fatty acids. It is considered an intense moisturizer due to its emollient properties.

Neem Oil is high in fatty acids and vitamins E. It quickly penetrates the outer layers of the skin and is effective at promoting the healing of dry and damaged skin. Neem contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which can soothe the skin, reduce eczema-related redness and irritation and keep bacteria at bay.

Essential oils known for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties have been blended into this lotion bar to bring relief to the itchy skin.

Herb-Infused Sunflower Oil*, Mango Butter*, Shea Butter*, Beeswax, Neem Oil*, Clove Essential Oil*, Lavender Essential Oil*, Rosemary Essential Oil*, Peppermint Essential Oil*, Tea Tree Oil* & Non GMO Vitamin E Oil

*Certified Organic Ingredient

Rub onto the affected area as often as needed. Can be used on eczema patches, bug bites, hives and dry/itchy skin. Avoid touching the area while the ingredients absorb. Relief will soon follow.

For external use only - Avoid eye area - Perform a test patch before use

Our second son began showing symptoms of eczema on his legs around the age of two. While we began investigating and working on the root internal cause, we needed something to keep his external symptoms under control.

I began creating different lotions, creams, salves, sprays, etc. to keep him from clawing at his dry and itchy skin. It was a delicate balance of trying to find the right ingredients that would keep his skin moisturized and itch-free. Nothing truly brought him relief.

At the time, I was selling an Itch Stick dedicated strictly for use on bug bites. I used that product as a base and began to build on it with the above ingredients. Once the product came together, relief was quickly brought to our son. We did get to the internal root cause of his eczema and it disappeared for over a year.

In the Fall of 2018 the eczema returned, this time to his arms. We started on our internal protocol and began using the Itch Stick. When he is at home, we do not wait for him to start itching before we apply the lotion, as this is the key to keeping it under control. The lotion bar is applied as often as possible to keep the skin moisturized.

We also send this lotion bar along with him to school so he can apply it himself. I love that it is portable so younger family members can easily put it on themselves. We always have an Itch Stick sitting on our kitchen counter, in our vehicles and in his bedroom for use at night.

Eczema can be extremely frustrating as it is hard to pinpoint the real issue. It was a trial and error process for us when we first dealt with it and it felt like a long process without any change. Keep with it until you can resolve the issue that is causing it!

During the summer months we keep these on hand for bug bites and I have also used it on small patches of hives.

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