Catnip & A DIY Insect Repellent Recipe

Catnip has started to make its appearance this Spring. Now is the perfect time to get started on an easy homemade insect repellent that will be ready just in time for summer.

Catnip Insect Repellent

Catnip on its own is an amazing insect repellent, but other fresh herbs can also be added to help keep the bugs away.  Grab a glass mason jar and gather your fresh herbs!  I like to use catnip, yarrow, mint and lemon balm. Rough chop them (I use a kitchen scissors) and place them so they fit snugly in the jar. I then use a high quality witch hazel (vodka will work too) to pour over the herbs until they are covered.  Put the lid on, shake and then write the date on the lid. Strain this mixture after 2-6 weeks.  Essential oils can also be added after you have poured the infused liquid into a spray bottle.  I like to use lemon eucalyptus, cedar wood, rose geranium and citronella.  Happy foraging!

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