Created From Nature

My Ivy & Twig journey began in 2009 when we adopted our first son. Conventional products were not working and I wanted something safe and effective to use on his delicate skin. Creating baby products evolved into making products for the entire family.

The ingredients we use at Ivy & Twig all serve a purpose and have been researched and tested until the product performs and is effective.  We source many local ingredients, including wild harvested herbs from our own Iowa farm.  

We choose quality over quantity regarding the number of products that we offer for sale.  Over the years, there were two products that we always reached for when we had any type of skin ailment; Mighty Salve and Diaper Cream.  If you have these two products in your medicine cabinet, you can treat just about any skin issue.  We love hearing feedback on all the ways that our products have been used!

Welcome to Ivy & Twig ~ From Our Farm To Your Family