Copper Deficiency

One of the many symptoms you may notice if you have a copper deficiency is grey hair. Copper is an essential trace mineral and is found in all body tissues. It also helps the body form collagen and too much or too little of copper can affect how the brain works. 

It is a very important mineral that often gets overlooked.  Our family gets the majority of copper from food sources including beef liver. I also like to store our structured drinking water in copper vessels, as there are numerous benefits to drinking copper infused water.  Studies show that water stored in a copper vessel acquired a certain quality as the copper leaches into the water, which in turn can kill bacteria and create natural alkaline water. Other possible health benefits of copper include: improved digestion, strengthening of the immune system, increased energy levels, improved brain function and healthier skin/hair. Our favorite water pitcher is from @shantivashop (📷 credit)

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