How Dirt Makes You Happy and Healthy

With gardening season finally here, it is important to get your kids involved so they not only learn about where food actually comes from, but also so they can get those little fingers and hands dirty! 

Our soil is full of all different types of bacteria and microorganisms.  Every time your child comes in contact with the dirt, their body works to build up its immunity to anything potentially harmful that it encounters.

Another benefit to playing in the dirt from a young age is that it may lessen the chance of developing allergies later on in life.  A gradual exposure to allergens can allow the body to become accustomed to them. 

How Dirt Makes You Happy & Healthy

Connecting with the soil and the earth is called grounding or earthing.  Positive electrons (free radicals) can build up in our bodies and when there is direct contact with the ground, this negative charge helps to bring the body back into balance.  Let your kids go barefoot in the grass and dirt as often as possible.

Playing in the dirt often means more time in the sun, which allows them to soak up vitamin d.

And finally, some studies show that spending time in nature improves memory performance and can increase cognitive skills.

Now back to the garden we go…..

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