Natural Tooth Care (Oral Health)

Going to the dentist for a checkup as a child always turned into finding another cavity.  To this day, I have anxiety when I have to go for a checkup.  I did not want my children to have these same feelings about the dentist and so began the research on how to strengthen not only their teeth, but mine as well.  Our bodies are designed to repair and heal and I believe that with the right tools, your teeth can re-mineralize and repair themselves.  Since we have been implementing these things into our daily routine for the past few years, we have been without cavities. 

Oil Pulling – Every morning I oil pull while in the shower.  I use coconut oil infused with horsetail (loaded with silica) and a drop or two of essential oils.

Raw Grass-fed Milk, Cheese & Butter – Use to find a local farmer.  If you are unable to get raw milk, look for one that uses low-temperature pasteurization and is non-homogenized. 

K2 – While grass-fed dairy contains K2, I choose to also add a high quality supplement to our routine.  

Magnesium – We use transdermal magnesium along with magnesium bicarbonate. 

Bone Broth – Due to my histamine intolerance, I am not able to consume as much bone broth as I would like.  Otherwise, I would be drinking it everyday.  My youngest drinks it plain and I also incorporate it into a lot of my recipes.

Beef Liver - This one took some time to get used to.  My oldest takes desiccated grass-fed liver capsules and I just swallow small frozen liver bites. 😝

Toothpaste – We use a fluoride and glycerin-free toothpaste to promote re-mineralization.

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