Raw Honey For Wounds

Mighty Salve is filled with the healing power of honey and is a must-have for your first-aid kit and medicine cabinet!

Honey has been used as a healing agent since ancient times.  Greek philosopher Aristotle mentioned honey as being a “good salve for sore eyes and wounds”.

Healing Wounds With Raw Honey

Honey’s major contribution to wound healing is its antimicrobial properties.  With any open wound, infection is always a concern and bacteria can easily multiply in the damaged tissue.  Honey contains antibacterial properties that allow it to clear the wound infection by killing the bacteria.

 Honey is also high in osmolality, creates hydrogen peroxide and is acidic.  Osmolarity refers to the concentration of particles in a liquid solution.  A salve or solution that has high osmolarity will draw moisture from the surrounding tissue or cells.  Honey, with its high sugar content, has a higher osmolarity than the bacteria. This means that when the bacteria encounters the honey, they essentially shrivel up.

Honey also has a low pH factor and bacteria cannot function in an acidic environment.  It also makes hydrogen peroxide, which disrupts the chemical structure of bacteria. 

Along with fighting bacteria, honey also provides a protective barrier that prevents the bacteria from coming in contact with the wound.  These antimicrobial properties prevent contamination from reaching the tissue.

Honey can also speed the healing process of the tissue.  Honey attracts macrophages, a type of white blood cell important for normal healing of the tissue. 

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