Natural First Aid Kit

This first aid kit can easily be assembled and will cover most any type of minor injury you may have.  

I keep this first-aid bag in my purse and it has come in handy so many times! During the summer months, I transfer it to my waist pack when we go on bike rides; last summer my youngest had an accident in the middle of our ride and I was easily able to fix him up with what I had on hand.

A couple of weekends ago, my oldest son realized that he had forgotten to apply deodorant right before his basketball tournament (Yikes!).  I handed him the tube of Mighty Aid Cream from the first-aid bag and he used it for a deodorant.  

The products that I keep in our kit are very versatile and can be used for so many different types of injuries and skin issues!

Natural First Aid Kit DIY

First-Aid Bag
 - Each zippered pouch is handcrafted in the USA from a durable cotton duck canvas and lined with vinyl that can easily be wiped clean if any kind of spill should happen.

  1. Gloves - We keep these on hand for those times when there is an injury with bodily fluid involved. 
  2. Mighty Salve- This all-purpose salve has so many uses and we have found that the worse the wound, the better it works!  It can be used on cuts/scrapes, burns, wounds, bee/wasp stings, chapped lips, blisters and so much more!  It is also pet safe.
  3. Mighty Aid Cream- Another amazing all-purpose product that works to calm irritated skin.  This cream can be used on all types of rashes (including diaper), for chafing, razor burn, hives, fungal infections, external hemorrhoids and topical yeast infections.  It also keeps you odor free when used as a deodorant!
  4. Bandages & Cotton Swabs - I store these items in a clear zip lock bag to keep them clean and organized.  I have several different sizes of bandages, including butterfly bandages.
  5. Gauze Pad & Larger Bandages - The gauze pad can be used to clean up blood, to keep ointment in place on the wound or it can be soaked in a solution for treating the affected area.
  6. Dropper Bottle - I keep a saline solution or peroxide in our bottle.  Tinctures would also be another good option here.  
  7. Multi-Purpose Tool - We use the scissors the most on this tool, but it also has an extra tweezers, small knife and screw drivers.
  8. Tweezers - This is an important tool to have for removing ticks and splinters.
  9. Nail Clipper - A rough nail can catch easily and cause tearing.  It is best to trim them as soon as you notice it.
  10. Mighty Bandage- This wound powder will quickly stop bleeding and start the healing process.  It can also be made into a poultice with filtered water or witch hazel for burns and other minor injuries.
  11. Glass Vial - I keep baking soda in our vial and you can find all the ways to use it for first-aid here.  You could also keep homeopathic remedies, medications or powdered herbs in the vial.
  12. Metal Tin - This small tin can hold important medications, black drawing salve, matches, etc.
  13. Roller Bottle - I like to keep arnica oil (for bumps and bruises) in our roller bottle, but you could use any blend of carrier and/or essential oils.

Each bag can be customized to fit your needs.  I often rotate out items that either change with the season or just as our needs change.  Summer adventures are just a few weeks away, so now is the time to get your kit ready!

The information provided on our website is not a substitute for the medical advice of a trained physician.  

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